8/24/2012 -
'I Am Neda' has a limited release and will be opening at the Landmark Nuart for 3 days August 28 through August 30!!

8/26/2012 -
OMG!! 'I Am Neda' picked up 3 awards at 3 different festivals in one week!!
- Action on Film International Film Festival
- Best Dramatic Short
- World Music and Independent Film Festival - Best Short Film Under 20 minutes
- Moondance International Film Festival - Fest Film Score

This makes it 5 wins, 19 nominations and 14 festivals for 'I Am Neda' so far!!!!

- 'I Am Neda' has been nominated for 2 awards at the Action on Film International Film Festival: Best Dramatic Short and Best Dialogue!!!

- Great News! 'I Am Neda' is an Official Selection at the famous Burbank International Film Festival! We will know more about the nomination early August. Stay tuned!

7/9/2012 - Do you want the good news or the good news? Not only is 'I Am Neda' an Official Selection at World Music and Independent Film Festival, but it has also been nominated for 5 awards: Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Short Film under 20 minutes!!!

7/7/2012 - Great News! 'I Am Neda' is an Official Selection at the famous Action On Film International Film Festival! We will know more about the nomination early August. Stay tuned!

2/15/2012 - "I Am Neda' is the Official Selection at WorldFest International Film Festival. Screenings schedule to be confirmed. Here's the email we received personally from Festival Director Hunter Todd:

"I am delighted to be sending you an early jury report on your entry in the 45th Annual WorldFest! Your entry - I AM NEDA - has been selected to be screened at the festival, a very high honor, and will be winning a Remi Award at the 45th Annual WorldFest... the details of the screening are not complete as of yet, and we will not know dates and times for 3-4 weeks at least... also the Remi Award Nomination is secure, but we will not know the exact level of the award until Festival Week. You will receive a more detailed congratulations email in a few weeks, but this is a personal notification. The dates for the 45th are 13-22 April, 2012. We will be back in touch soon with more details, screening times and such. I just wanted to take a moment to give you the good news! WorldFest is one of the most competitive short film festivals in the world, and we gave first awards to Spielberg, Lucas, Ang Lee, Ridley Scott, The Coen Brothers, John Lee Hancock, Robert Rodriguez and many more... before they became big shots! We may be in touch soon for a special "Exhibition Disk" and BluRay is fine as is regular DVD.
Congratulations and Warmest Regards from Texas, Special regards to Nicole, and did you actually go to Teheran? Yikes!
The 45th Annual WorldFest-Houston
April 13-22, 2012"

9/25/2011 - Back from Santa Rosa International Film Festival! We had a great screening and Director Nicole Kian Sadighi had been invited to 2 speaking panels. First one was called "Making Movies that Matter".

9/16/1011 - Off to Santa Rosa!!! Stay tuned

8/19/2011 - Santa Rosa Intenrnational Film Festival have confirmed the screening of 'I Am Neda'! for Sunday Sept. 18 @ 7pm. Summerfield Cinemas, 551 Summerfield Road, Santa Rosa, CA. We will send out press releases shortly.

6/20/2011'I Am Neda' is the Official Selection- Santa Rosa International Film Festival 'Cinema of Conscience' Short Program  

6/20/2011 - Remembering the murder of Neda

6/14/2011 - In case you missed it! Here is the Voice of American interview with Producer/Director Nicole Kian Sadighi

6/12/2011 - Watch Writer/Producer/Director Nicole Kian Sadighi interview with Voice of America, tomorrow, Tuesday June 13, 11am pst/2pm est. Don't miss it!!!!

6/3/2011 - The pickup shots were amazing!!! It ran smoothly and perfectly and everyone who was on set had a beautiful energy. Thank you, thank you, Thank you guys. The rushes look amazing!! David Bartlett really raised the bar much higher than what we've been used to.

5/17/2011 - Pick up shots confirmed for May 31st.

5/5/2011 - We're finishing our movie. We wrapped the main bulk of it. It was an awesome shoot and looks great. But we need your help and support for  the post and to take it to the next phase. Any support would be most helpful.

Please go to http://www.indiegogo.com/Neda-the-Movie if you would like to make a contribution. We really need to raise funds for the next chapter of this movie. Also please forward to as many people as possible.

5/5/2011 - 'I AM NEDA' teaser trailer is out now. Check out the sneak peek.

5/4/2011 - 'I AM NEDA' has been personally invited by 2 film festivals to submit. Bleedfest Film Festival 2.0 - bad ass genre by female filmmakers and the Iranian Film Festival, San Fransisco. This is tremendous news for us as we have not even completed the film yet and its already creating a lot of buzz!!! This is also due the support of the fans. So please continue to spread the word.

3/29/2011 - Shoot dates confirmed for 2 & 3 April, 2011

3/3/2011 - Please go to http://www.indiegogo.com/Neda-the-Movie if you would like to make a contribution. We really need to raise funds for the next chapter of this movie. Also please forward to as many people as possible.

3/3/2011 - Famous musician and hip hop rapper APoet NomadAli signed up for 'I Am Neda'

2/29/2011 - Mary Apick is confirmed to be starring in the movie of the year 'I AM NEDA'!

Your Subtitle text



'I Am Neda' Screening and Awards ceremony at the
Beverly Hills Film Festival


'I Am Neda' Winner of Prestigious Remi Award At WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival

3 More Awards, From 3 Different Festivals, All in 1 Week!


"What Is Your Goal For This Week?"

"Why Did You Make This Film?"

"What Were The Challenges As A First-Time Filmmaker?"

"Why Did You Cast Yourself As Neda?"

["I Am Neda" has recently been nominated for 5 new awards at the World Music and Independent Film Festival, where Nicole Kian Sadighi has not only been nominated for Best Actress, but also Best Director, Best Screenplay and Mary Apick has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Neda's mother, in addition to 'I Am Neda' being nominated and won for Best Short Under 20 minutes.

In addition the 8th Annual Action On Film International Film Festival has also nominated 'I Am Neda' for 2 further awards: Winner Best Drama Short and Nominated Best Dialogue]

"What Was the Casting Process Like?"

How Much Creative License Did You Take?

6/1/2012 - We're Back From Cannes!


As finalist of the 2012 Cannes American Pavilion, not only did 'I Am Neda' screen once for its Cannes premier, but we were invited to screen a second time at the UK Film Centre.

We received a standing ovation at the UK Film Centre, who were partnered with the British Film Institute and Screen South. They even asked us for our permission to add our trailer and our Q&A to their website! This is an additional honor as you know we are passionate with growing visibility as we want to reach as many people as we can with this important film.

After the screenings audience members enthusiastically asked Persepolis Reps. many questions during the Q&A and we were happy to answer them all.

'I Am Neda' even grabbed the attention of Phillip Kaufman! He even asked if he could keep the poster!


First time Director and Producer Nicole Kian Sadighi notes, "I could not have wished for more. That's exactly why I made this movie. To move people on a personal level. While the film is in Farsi (with English subtitles), this is not just another movie, it's a human story that transcends all language barriers."

Media and Industry folks alike, and many business card exchanges later we are so thrilled to have made an impact in Cannes!

Persepolis Pictures would like to thank Festival Director Monika Skerbelis and The American Pavilion at Cannes for this opportunity. It was an honor to be there!